Lightning NOx emissions

Lightning NOx emissions are supported in WRF-GC v2.0 through HEMCO nad WRF lightning schemes.

To turn on the lightning NOx emissions in WRF-GC v2.0, you should turn on the lightning scheme in WRF-GC. The lightning NOx emissions are highly dependent on the flash rate simulated by WRF model.

Two lightning schemes are supported in WRF-GC:

  • PR92 (Price and Rind, 1992) based on maximum w

  • PR92 based on 20 dBz top

Please set the options in the configuration file (namelist.input) as follows:

lightning_option                     = 2,
lightning_dt                         = 120,
lightning_start_seconds              = 600,
cellcount_method                     = 0,
iccg_method                          = 2,
do_radar_ref                         = 1,